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Double buckets cow milking machine|cow milk machine price

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Double buckets cow milking machine

Introduction of milking machines for cows

The milking machines for cows is one of the useful equipment in dairy farm. It is

used for milking. It is consists of two parts, milking machine and vacuum unit.

There are fixed type and portable milking equipment.

We divided fixed type milking equipment into 3 types, pail milking type, pipeline

milking type and milking room type.

Portable milking equipment keeps milking machine and vacuum devices installed

on the car or portable milking stage, suitable for pasture milking.

The milking machine takes advantage of the suction made by vacuum device by

imitating the calf sucking action and suck out the milk.

Features of milking machines for cows

Piston pump single pail milking machines for cows is consists of milk bucket, milk

cup group, regulator, milk collector, related pipeline, vacuum gage, piston pump,

transmission device, motor, edible rubber hose and so on. This milking machine

is suitable for small size dairy farm. It is designed according to national technical

standard and has the advantages of reliable performance, large effective reserve,

low noise, easy operation and so on.

This milking machines for cows can divided into single pail and double pail type.

Single pail type milking machine can milk one cow, while double pail type milking

machine can milk two cow at the same time. Each cow need 5 to 6 minutes to

milk(normal cow).Single pail type milking machine is suitable for cow group less than

15 cow, as double pail type is suitable for cow group about 20 to 30 cow.

Advantage of milking machines for cows labor and high efficiency to milk the cow

2.vacuum pump work together with single and double bucket

3.easy to operate and move

4.full automatic and low noise

Technical parameter of milking machines for cows




Matched power

220V/380V 50Hz,0.75KW(all copper core)

220V/380V 50Hz,0.75KW(1.1kw)

Milk bucket capacity



Milk bucket quantity



Milk bucket material

304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel


Imported gas pulsation

Imported gas pulsation

pulsation frequency



Machine size



Milking capacity

10-15 cow/h

20-30 cow/h

Operation guidance of milking machines for cows

1.Checking the voltage and every parts of the machine before opening.

2.Idling the machine for two to three minutes for checking the pressing power

and the transmission parts.

Put the milk cup group upside down(let the milk collector’s connectors faxing

upward,let the rim of the milk cup upside down),in this time,the pointer will

reach 0.04 Mpa to 0.045 Mpa in the vacuum gorge.

It is very important when the data too high or too low,you should working before

adjusting the governor valve to suitable pressure(turning clockwise will rise

the vacuum degree,turning anticlockwise will lower the vacuum degree)

3.preparation before working:Scrubbing,cheirapsising and checking the parts

of the cow which will contact with the milk cup.

After confirming no disease with the cow,you can start working.The machine

will not bring hurt and disease to your cow as long as you use our machine in

the right steps and keep the cow and the machine cleaning.

So you should pay attention to the point below:

a)Never work in the too high negative pressure situation.

b)Pressing the milk collector for 5 to 10 seconds after the milk flow quit,and then

remove the milk cup.

4.Fixing for the milk cup:the worker take the milking cup groups upside down to

the nipples by left hands(the contact tube upwards and the milk cup rim downwards).

Put the milk cup rim upwards one by one to the nipples in right hand(turning the

tube and not let the air in).And then loose the tube.The machine will start

milking as the drawing:

Service commitment:

1>The HAOQILI device to device quality assurance prevail;

2>The warranty period: one year free replacement of all parts, lifetime and maintenance;

3>The maintenance process: Telephone or Email communication equipment, the situation

on the ground after the Department of treatment and above travel arrangements;

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Communication about he device:

If any of the communication process does not understand with a timely objection raised,

we give you a detailed solution.solve your doubts about the device.

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