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rice thresher|rice thresher machine|rice thresher philippines

Place of Origin Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name HAOQILI
Certification CE,ISO, CE,ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price Negotiable
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 2800 Set/Sets per Week

Product Features

rice thresher|rice thresher machine|rice thresher philippines

2015 hot sale multifunction gasoline rice thresher


1.This product can threshing multi crops,including rice, wheat, beans,sorghum,rapeseed,

sesame,radish seed, and make the particles clean by blowing out straw and dust.

2.This product based on the different characteristics of crop grain set up different

parameters of separation and air separation .

3.Each product can get satisfactory clean rate and recovery rate.

Features of grain thresher machine:

1.high quality and high efficiency

2.Shell and thresh grain completely , and low damage and breakage rate

3.Easy to clean and operate

4.It is multifunctional,not only can thresh rapeseed,quinoa,chia and sesame, but also thresh rice and wheat and soybean.

5.small size, easy to move, it's the best choice for home use or for small farm harvester. can match with motor ,diesel engine,

Brife Introduction:

This product can threshing multi crops,including rice, wheat, beans,sorghum,rapeseed,sesame,radish seed,

and make the particles clean by blowing out straw and dust.This product based on the different characteristics of

the crop grain set up different parameters of separation and air separation.Each product can get satisfactory clean rate and recovery rate.

High efficiency good quality sorghum thresher/cheap price multifunctional sesame rice thresher

Multifunctional thresher for rice wheat sorghum,rapeseed,sesame,radish seed

Hot saes sesame thresher sorghum thresher millet thresher

instruction of this machine:

This machine is cole crops such as wheat and rice rapeseed field trials and raw material cell reproduction

threshing dedicated cleaning equipment, cleaning the threshing on this process for field trials to provide

accurate data and purity super stock and parent materials, good job quality, high efficiency, safe and

comfortable. The machine has to ensure that no mix, from clean, broken, less losses, seed grain cleanliness,

easy to clean machine, safe, simple, durable, and other notable features, suitable for all levels of agricultural

unit, Yuanzhong Chang and Agricultural private seed thresher seed specialist maintenance manual
Use and features:
This machine is wheat, rice, corn, canola, soybeans and other crops, the size of the area of the field test, the

threshing this process, from the more net, and the whole feed, this equipment without residual organic grain,

threshing and clean less loss, breakage rate, seed cleanliness, easy to clean machine, safe and easy operation,

etc., applicable to all agricultural units, stock field and seed production specialist.

The safe operation of technical procedures and troubleshooting
(1) before starting the carefully check whether the machine is very attitude, take care of security protection

installed, the ministries should be solid and reliable connection, the direction of the arrow index operation

can not be reversed, turn the machine on confirmation after boot flexible unimpeded by hand.
(2) the job, all the tools, metal and hard objects, etc. not on the machine and nearby venues.
(3) If the machine jams, should immediately stop cleaning.After

(4) Operating season, depending on the circumstances washable, check all parts, there are no moving

phenomenon, bearing filling oil, put the plug in the dry and ventilated place

Affordable Bean thresher/ High efficiency sorghum thresher/ small grain thresher

Rice and Wheat Thresher

small portable wheat thresher machine, wheat thresher

Parameters show for model one:

Equipped with power: electric motors, gasoline engines, diesel engines
Total Weight: 130kg
A residual amount of grain 0
2 clean-up time points ≤3
3 Total loss rate% ≤1.5
4 breakage rate% ≤1.5
5 germination injury rate% ≤0.3
6 impurity rate% ≤0.5
7 cladding rate% ≤0.1
8 off the spike rate% ≤0.1
9 Productivity :300kg/hour

Parameters show for model two:

Feed quantity: 20kg/s

Total loss: 1 (%)
Weight: 55 (kg)
Power Type: Electric
Power: 3 (Kw) Machine size
Feeding mode: Full artificial feeding
Operator: 2-3
Threshing wrap angle: 180 degrees

The raw material can be:

Service commitment:

1>The HAOQILI device to device quality assurance prevail;

2>The warranty period: one year free replacement of all parts, lifetime and maintenance;

3>The maintenance process: Telephone or Email communication equipment, the situation on the ground after the Department of treatment and above travel arrangements;

Purchase Notes:

If you need a detailed understanding of the device, about the company, ordering equipment please read the following information:

Contact: Mina Xing

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Tel :0086-371-53379351


Communication about he device:

If any of the communication process does not understand with a timely objection raised, we give you a detailed solution.solve your doubts about the device.

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1> You can come to our factory for choose your needed machine, order face to face.

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